Katrin Albert Photography



Surprise Engagement Proposal in Central Park

Autumn is by far the most romantic time to be in NYC so when Joel wrote me an email (about half a year before their New York trip!) about his plans to propose to his girlfriend in Central Park in the fall I got super excited to photograph them and it was absolutely amazing. These two stole my heart, def one of my fav shoots of the season! Major points for preparation - not only it was a complete surprise (along with the most perfect reaction omg) but he...


Sunny Central Park Morning Love-story Photoshoot

Omg I'm so stoked to share this shoot with an absolutely gorgeous couple from Canada! Talk about family goals! As I was waiting for them I accidentally came up to the wrong couple that sorta fit the description (and was coincidentally also waiting for a photographer and we kept bumping into them at the park), but boy I was happy I got it wrong *laughs* The real deal turned out drop dead gorgeous, my jaw literately dropped when I saw them *blushes* They tuned out to...


Summer lovestory walk through NYC

I had the most wonderful time walking with this lovely couple through New York streets. The weather was perfectly gloomy and the light and colors were absolutely magical and we got a surprise poplar snow blizzard moment that was so surreal! And few days ago I got an email from Lina sharing a few photos of their home adorned with these photographs - I seriously cried, that made me feel so happy! ...